Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Long & Short Of Corporate Stays In Gurgaon

Ravi was holding the official letter in his hand. He was to moving to Gurgaon on deputation for eight months. Though he had been there umpteen times - all on business trips but this one was different. He now needed a place that he could call home, where Rashmi and the kids could join him once in a while.
He was aware of corporate housing, service or corporate apartments, yet he was not sure if they could give him what was looking for. He decided to make a list of requirements and zero in on the one place that could match them all!

         1.   Internet Access & Wifi
    Ravi wanted an uninterrupted access to the internet. While some hotels did offer free wifi, others did it only for a limited time and others actually charged for it.
  1. Parking
A concern as not many hotels or even guest houses allowed free parking for a long period of time. He wanted his car but was sure that he did not want to end up paying for the parking. 

  1. Laundry services
As much as one would want, a hotel would not allow anyone to do his own laundry or worse, it would charge a bomb. Ravi wanted laundry to be done in a timely manner without being over charged for the same.
  1. Housekeeping
Ravi knew that if he hired a place, it involved a whole lot of things like hiring a domestic maid, a laundry guy etc. He did not want to “run” a house. He just wanted place to go that he could call “home” without having to work too much towards running it.

  1. Cable TV
All the channels that Ravi preferred on TV, were paid channels. Hotel overcharge for premier channels. Many guest houses do not even have a cable connection. He was looking for a place that could give him this simple source of entertainment at a minimal cost.
  1. Access to Gym & Fitness Centre
Ravi was used to working out. He needed a place that had access to a fitness centre & a gym- the cost of which was a concern. He wished to be part of a gated society that would allow access to both.

        7.   Food
       Food was a major concern. Even if he did book himself in a hotel, he could   not imagine eating gourmet meals and overloading himself with calories. He either needed a cook or a place that served nutritious home made meals.

        8.   Homely ambience
    Being a family man, Ravi was bound to feel homesick. Usually surrounded by people, he was keen on having a place that buzzed with people’s energies. Hotels were full of people but lacked the soul of a home.

       9.   Emergency & Medical Care
  Since Ravi was living alone, he wanted support in case of a medical emergency. He needed to be close to a hospital or at least a clinic for any emergency - big or small.

     10.               A place to put up your feet!
Ravi wanted a place to relax, unwind and call it home at the end of the day. He wanted comfort with cosiness, warmth with vigor and his “soul” food.

One of Ravi’s friends promptly called him up to tell that there was a place that could match everything that he had listed. It was our very own Cinnamon Stays!
Ravi has been with us for the past few of months and seems happy! He is now looking forward to having his family with him in the upcoming Dusshera and Diwali holidays.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Top 10 Business Hotels in Gurgaon (Luxury and Budget)

The steadfast increase in business and corporate parks in Gurgaon has led to a surge in business travelers to the city. Gurgaon has seen the rise in hotels, guest houses & homestays to meet this demand. The stay choice is driven by many factors - comfort and convenience being the highest. We decided to put together a list of luxury and budget hotels that closely meet the requirements of a busy corporate traveler.
1.   Westin - Gurgaon & Westin Sohna Resorts and Spa

 (picture courtesy -

Westin offers business and luxury in the same plate. The rooms are spacious and travelers make special mention of the well equipped fitness centre. The Resort at Sohna offers business and relaxation- a true workcation place to put up!  &

2.  Taj - The Gateway Resort -Damdama Lake & Vivanta by Taj

 (picture Courtesy-
Vivanta takes care of the fast moving traveler. They have a set of ultra hospitable staff. Gateway is an ideal getaway to have corporate conferences. Don’t miss out the paintball activity!  &

3.  Oberoi & Trident

 (Picture Courtesy -
The properties offer the business traveler a most luxurious stay. The Oberoi touch is guest delight( small details - from random notes to complimentary cake or a bottle of wine- something extra!

4.  Le Meridien

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The new Meridien is where Pullman was. It has excellent guest reviews for service in all areas. Regulars often get room upgrades & access to private lounge.

5. The Lemon Tree
 (Picture Courtesy -

All 3 properties are close to the corporate hubs and parks. Their cheery demeanor is a hit amongst the younger business travelers.

6.   JusTA Gurgaon
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Ideally suited for the fast track traveler, who needs a comfortable place to stay at the end of his working day but does not mind having a taste of affordable luxury.

7.   iLodge

 (Picture Courtesy -
A comfortable budget hotel suited for business travelers who do not want to spend too much on stay. Experience flexibility in check in time and travelers gush about the interesting paintings and wall décor.

8.   Atara

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It is a modern day boutique hotel located close to Cyber City. It boasts of all amenities at an affordable rate. Guests love the friendly staff, who are seen genuinely connecting with the guest.

9.   Leela Ambience

A landmark in itself, and epitome of hospitality, Leela prides in superior customer service. Next to where the toll plaza was, ideal when you have work in both Gurgaon & Delhi.

10. Cinnamon Stays (Yes we make it to the list!)

 Cinnamon Stays is an Unhotel (homestay) with a collection of conversations & stories. It’s most convenient for the Sohna road corporate hub. Replete with the facilities of a budget hotel and the warmth of a home. Cosy house with concept rooms, artistic ambience &  personalized service with delicious homemade food. Unlike any guest house in Gurgaon, it has a soul that needs to be experienced

The choice of place to stay completely lies with the individual. Companies today are trying to make the travel on work simpler, convenient and comfortable so that their employees do not feel inconvenienced and give their best at work!

Friday, 16 September 2016

Cinnamon Stays For The Business Traveler!

A few months ago, when we talked of Ram, our friend who travels frequently on work, he spoke to us about how he was taken in with the concept of staying at a homestay instead of a hotel. His idea of having a Workcation seems to be “working” for him. Having stayed in a few homestays across the country in the past couple of months, he is now a happy business traveler!

We decided to list a few reasons as to why you may want to consider Cinnamon Stays as your preferred choice of homestay whenever you are traveling on business (or on workcation) to Gurgaon.

  1. A Homestay compatible with a Business Traveler.
We understand what it means to be traveling on business all the time. While you may be looking for home-like comfort, you desire consistency of service as well. We at Cinnamon work towards making that experience special for you. We are NOT A REGULAR guest house. We are a premium homestay with rooms that are spacious, homely and comfortable. Each of our rooms are themed and every element in the house is curated to serve the sensibilities of the Indian corporate executive.

  1. Safety and Security : Gated campus
The homestay located in Sector 48 on Sohna Road and Sector 50 ( Golf Course Ext), is a gated society. With 24 hours security and CCTV surveillance, it is absolutely safe. Ideal for single women business travelers. It is also a great option to bring your family with you while you are on a business trip. 

  1. Close to Business Towers & Corporate parks
A stone’s throw away from the business and corporate parks of Gurgaon, it saves you travel and traffic woes. Located on Sohna Road, the homestay is easily accessible to all amenities - corporate or family requirements available on Sohna Road

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  1. Fast Billing and Payment
In the fast world of corporate travel, Cinnamon makes it easy for you to Fast track the process of billing and payment. The Express option helps you immediately close the account of your stay at flexible hours (considering late night flights or odd hours of travel).
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  1. Company payment option
The homestay can tie up with your Company directly so you have a cashless transaction while staying at Cinnamon.

  1. 0% escalation to HR /Admin of your Company
We are the No.1 B&B on Trip Advisor for the past 7 years! One of the main reasons why corporates choose us is there is ZERO escalation of any sort to the HR / Admin department with regards to the quality and stay experience.

  1. Empathic Hosts - Cinnamon is managed by Manish ( > 20 yrs of corporate experience) who understands what the corporate traveler needs. Shilpi - an HR professional & Executive Coach gets the pain points of employee travel thereby handling this area very well. The hosts have even handled medical emergencies for guests in the past.

  1. Business Amenities
Cinnamon is not just about a few rooms to stay. Cinnamon allows a work environment to thrive (after all, the hosts work from here!). There are enough work tables, Free wi-fi internet and a spacious meeting space for business huddles. The sit outs allow the working mind some fresh thinking. Cinnamon allows a unique opportunity to network with other business travelers from across the world.


  1. Flexibility
Cinnamon is flexible with breakfast timings, check-ins and check-outs. Corporate travellers can host small meetups, business lunches and do brainstorms. Of course all within the limitations on a homestay.

  1. Serves Home-made and Nutritious food
For the modern day health conscious professionals, Cinnamon prepares delicious yet healthy home cooked food. We customize food requirements as per the traveler’s medical or gastronomical needs. 

Cinnamon Stays is the perfect ‘Unhotel’ for the business traveller in Gurgaon! We look forward to hosting corporate events, single women business travelers and off-sites. Check out or write to us at  Shilpi - 9560550015, Manish - 9650400466  @cinnamonstays

Friday, 2 September 2016

Why Expats Settle In Gurgaon?

Cinnamon Stays has been home to guests from all walks of life. Having hosted hundreds of guests from 70 different countries, Cinnamon has slowly become the preferred choice for people relocating to Gurgaon. Over the years, we have noticed a steady rise in the number of expats moving to Gurgaon and making it their home. Expats from all over the world seem to have taken a special liking to Gurgaon owing to India’s contribution to global economy. While one set of expats move in by way of a company transfer, there are a larger set who move in for the job opportunities that India offers. Having had long discussions with expats who we have hosted, there was only one common question that we asked them and we decided to list the top 10 reasons –
Why Expats chose to settle in Gurgaon!
  1. Job Opportunities and Corporate Hub
Gurgaon over the years has emerged as the Growth Hub for India, which in fact means that there are a number of job opportunities that are available. With India now becoming a global recruiter, people from all over the world apply and do land themselves up in their dream job and eventually in Gurgaon. This obviously makes Gurgaon a natural choice for expats to move in.

  1. Secure housing colonies
Gurgaon houses state of the art housing colonies that suits everyone’s tastes. From row houses to individual bungalows, to high rise flats to studio apartments, from plush luxury villas to few reputed homestays, Gurgaon provides for all. 
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With the increasing need for safe and secure places to live, Gurgaon housing societies top the list. This makes the expats feel safe in a new place.

  1. International Schools
Gurgaon has very good schools affiliated to various boards. Pathways, Sri Ram School are amongst very good schools with IB board. This makes Gurgaon a favourite amongst expats moving with their families.

 (Picture Courtesy - GD Goenka School)
  1. Entertainment

Gurgaon is vibrant with people and places to entertain. It caters to entertainment in the form of shopping malls, pubs, luxury hotels, spas, movie halls, theatre and the likes. Kingdom of Dreams brings alive world class entertainment and the variety of Indian food and culture. The entertainment scene in Gurgaon offers a whole lot of variety for expats to enjoy!
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  1. Gastronomical Hub
Food is a very important part of daily existence. Gurgaon caters very well to world cuisine. The department stores are very well stocked with ingredients from all across the world. Modern Bazaar, Spencers, Nature’s Basket, La Marche, Needs Gourmet are some of the well-known departmental stores. Besides, there are enough choices available in theme and cuisine based restaurants.
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  1.  Nearby locations to travel in India - the node being Delhi
Gurgaon is close to New Delhi and New Delhi in itself is the node for connecting other states of India. For expats who like to travel the convenience of doing weekend and long trips are many. Uttarakhand, UP, Punjab, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Kashmir are some of the popular travel destination amongst travel enthusiasts.

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  1. Communities that suit you
Gurgaon is known for communities and tying people together over common interests and cultures. This brings about a sense of belongingness and the expats do not miss home. There are a number of communities like Gurgaon Moms, Gurgaon Start Up Communities, NGOs, the AIESEC that have events that unite expats based either on their interest or on their country. Gurgaon also has a strong expat community network including Gurgaon Connect.

  1. Sports facilities and Academy
Gurgaon may be congested and one may feel the dearth of open spaces to play any sports. This is compensated for, by gated Sports Complexes and Academies that not just offer usage of the complex but also specific coaching if required.
Since fitness and sports are a lifestyle with a large number of Americans and Europeans, the sports complexes are a huge hit amongst them.

 (Picture Courtesy -

  1. Logistically supportive
The logistics support is immense in Gurgaon. Police verified domestic maids, drivers, electricians, masons, plumbers are easily available via different channels - word of mouth, registered with the society or even by use of technology (web and app services).

  10. Cultural Entertainment at Delhi
For the culturally inclined, there is no other place like Delhi. From the Mughals to the Struggle for Independence, Delhi showcases history like no other city in the country. 
Easily accessible through the metro or the road, a day trip especially during winters for picnics is a big hit with the expat community of Gurgaon. Epicentre from Old Hospitality World is located in Gurgaon and showcases best of the theatrical world.

For the ever increasing expat community, the online presence in the form of websites like, and make living in Gurgaon easier than expected. Help and support comes from such communities on at the click of a button. India in the meanwhile stands tall to the reputation of looking after their guests well!  Being an expat in India and in Gurgaon is not a matter of worry anymore!
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Cinnamon Stays is Gurgaon’s No 1 Homestay Brand. Cofounded by Manish Sinha, - Creative entrepreneur & Former Chief Strategy Officer, Digitas and Shilpi Singh, Executive coach. Shilpi also offers culture coaching to relocating professionals and their families.
For more information write to