Wednesday, 21 September 2016

The Long & Short Of Corporate Stays In Gurgaon

Ravi was holding the official letter in his hand. He was to moving to Gurgaon on deputation for eight months. Though he had been there umpteen times - all on business trips but this one was different. He now needed a place that he could call home, where Rashmi and the kids could join him once in a while.
He was aware of corporate housing, service or corporate apartments, yet he was not sure if they could give him what was looking for. He decided to make a list of requirements and zero in on the one place that could match them all!

         1.   Internet Access & Wifi
    Ravi wanted an uninterrupted access to the internet. While some hotels did offer free wifi, others did it only for a limited time and others actually charged for it.
  1. Parking
A concern as not many hotels or even guest houses allowed free parking for a long period of time. He wanted his car but was sure that he did not want to end up paying for the parking. 

  1. Laundry services
As much as one would want, a hotel would not allow anyone to do his own laundry or worse, it would charge a bomb. Ravi wanted laundry to be done in a timely manner without being over charged for the same.
  1. Housekeeping
Ravi knew that if he hired a place, it involved a whole lot of things like hiring a domestic maid, a laundry guy etc. He did not want to “run” a house. He just wanted place to go that he could call “home” without having to work too much towards running it.

  1. Cable TV
All the channels that Ravi preferred on TV, were paid channels. Hotel overcharge for premier channels. Many guest houses do not even have a cable connection. He was looking for a place that could give him this simple source of entertainment at a minimal cost.
  1. Access to Gym & Fitness Centre
Ravi was used to working out. He needed a place that had access to a fitness centre & a gym- the cost of which was a concern. He wished to be part of a gated society that would allow access to both.

        7.   Food
       Food was a major concern. Even if he did book himself in a hotel, he could   not imagine eating gourmet meals and overloading himself with calories. He either needed a cook or a place that served nutritious home made meals.

        8.   Homely ambience
    Being a family man, Ravi was bound to feel homesick. Usually surrounded by people, he was keen on having a place that buzzed with people’s energies. Hotels were full of people but lacked the soul of a home.

       9.   Emergency & Medical Care
  Since Ravi was living alone, he wanted support in case of a medical emergency. He needed to be close to a hospital or at least a clinic for any emergency - big or small.

     10.               A place to put up your feet!
Ravi wanted a place to relax, unwind and call it home at the end of the day. He wanted comfort with cosiness, warmth with vigor and his “soul” food.

One of Ravi’s friends promptly called him up to tell that there was a place that could match everything that he had listed. It was our very own Cinnamon Stays!
Ravi has been with us for the past few of months and seems happy! He is now looking forward to having his family with him in the upcoming Dusshera and Diwali holidays.

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