Friday, 13 June 2014

Mishika tells you why B&Bs are becoming popular in India.

Is it a home?

Mishika often longs for some  personal attention, home cooked food and the warmth of a family, during her thang frequent trips.

But hotels run a business and the model they follow is geared towards keeping it purely business be it with their guests or even their staff.

The very reason why B&B’s anywhere in the world is to create a non hotel space. A home away from home is what they offer to guests and are a big hit with travelers these days!

According to Mishika here are a few reasons why B&Bs 
are getting popular in India.

1. Personal touch: More than a business setup, it’s a home for both the guests and the staff. Most owners are usually at the properties and for them it is not just a business; it's a way of life for them. So they go out of their way to make sure guests feel at home. Because of their presence guests receive high quality service
and personal attention by the staff. All this creates a very warm, cosy Unhotel environment !

2. Affordable: It is an affordable option compared to expensive hotels. We all love to save up a few pennies during our trips but without compromising on comfort. B&B's let you have a budget friendly stay with a homely touch.

3. Food:  An unhappy tummy may turn your holiday into a disaster. Hygienic and healthy home cooked food is your answer to avoid such situations.Homestays understand the needs of a traveler and the families. 
Simple home cooked food is what frequent travellers are looking for these days!

4. The warmth of a home: The comforts of staying at a home are unexplainable. Stay with a family, sharing stories with like minded travellers , hear their stories, make friends and be at home during your travel.

5. Accessibility: Be it in a remote place or a city, homestays always have their doors open for their visitors.Hotels often struggle to set-up in a remote location, whereas homestays have their way around. The hosts with their local tips make a new city more accessible.

6. Insights to local culture: When in Rome, behave like a Roman is the saying. Staying at a homestay will help you know and learn about the local culture. See the place through the eyes of a local.

7. Good for large families and groups: When you are travelling in a large group and want many rooms,homestays many a time give you the option of renting the entire house . Most  homestays have about 5-6 rooms and often let you rent out the whole place for yourself. Hence, making your holiday an exclusive one and very affordable.

8. Safety: Can’t get safer than a home. The owners often go out of their way to keep their home and visitors safe by avoiding last minute check-ins etc..Especially important for single women travellers.

9. Peaceful: A good nights sleep is assured when you are staying in a nice homestay. The quiet, peace, warmth and coziness of a home is one of the pluses of staying in a homestay compared to a small, windowless hotel room.

10. Unique experience:  Hotel stays are often very boring and mundane. Whereas each day is a new experience at a home and this makes your stay and trip a unique one.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

The Granny's Inn - Warm bosom of an ​Indian h​ome

The Granny's Inn Banaras is not just a cosy homestay. It is the warm 
bosom of an Indian home. The selfless care and the doting love of two grannies, delicious home cooked food, laughter, sunshine and the simple good life of a large Indian family is what the Granny’s Inn is all about.

The concept of this homestay has brought meaning and purpose to the life of the feisty grannies and loads of self respect and dignity.  The Granny's Inn, Banaras is a cosy, clean and safe stay option for travelers especially women travelers from around the world.

A first of its kind in Banaras for a homestay to provide a window to the art and crafts of India. We want visitors at our inn to get to know about the delightful and intricate handicraft and art scene of Banaras. Through this we plan to promote the local artist and craftsmen. The design brief for the inn was to capture the soul of the Granny's Inn. The design - be it the day in the life of a granny- poster, the pickle making or the grannies at the market poster  - is very Indian in its sensibility.

Our creative inspiration comes from children's tales and rhymes- Nani teri morni ko mor le gaye, baaki jo bacha tha kale chor le gaye

And last but not the least , the rooms are all about the stories of women in our family who are important in our lives and have contributed in some way or the other to the making of the GI.

Over time we are sure our story will grow and we will have a range of merchandise, accessory and art around the Granny's Inn. 

In case you are interested in staying at the Granny's Inn or buying art from us or even starting a GI of your own  please drop a mail to