Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A Trip to Banaras

Meenakari work being done on a Banarsi saree
Just back from a short trip to Banaras. We (the Cinnamon team of +shilpi singh  +Manish Sinha  and our designer friend +Shalini Baisiwala 

While much of the time was spent in running around trying to get 'Granny's Inn' started we did have our fair share of fun.

Gorged on 'Dina Chaat Bhandar' near PDR mall (Gowdolia Chowk). It's a must visit place. Recommended are - palak pakoda chaat, tamater chaat, dahi gol gappa... actually try everything. It's spicy and great taste that's difficult. to get outside of Banaras.

Bablu's meetha paan while we were hunting for utensils was a good find. Not so great on taste but definitely on presentation. Anyone with authentic paan recos, please ping!

We also found time to visit a couple of Banarsi Sari small factories. It was joyful  and magical to see the saree and the different patterns get made on the power loom. 

Sadly, the ghats were dirty and we have decided to do something about it. Getting in touch with waste warriors is high on the agenda. 

Pracheen Ram Kund - There is a small temple
in the middle( can't be seen from this angle)
Our own cook cum caretaker - Kashi
(aptly named) was excellent with ghee soaked parathas and sabzi. The local rasoo-gullahs were anyday better than Haldiram, Bikanerwala and the likes ..

Looks like this winter all Cinnamons are gaining a couple of kilos:-)

On the business front, in case you plan to visit Banaras, anytime after Dec 25, Granny's Inn is a good choice (even if we say so :-) Located in the lane opposite PDR Mall near Gowdolia chowk - it's just 10 min brisk walk to the Vishwanath temple and Dashaswamedha Ghat. 

Assi Ghat, BHU all are relatively close by.

Granny's Inn would be right at the epicentre of this boisterous yet holy city. If you are looking to dive deep into Banaras, come stay with us. Banaras cannot and should not be savoured from the quiet and distant rooms of a 5 star hotel. You have to stay where the Gods are; where the street food delights get hawked. Amidst the madness of the great Indian bazaar and the numerous babas. 

For enquiries and bookings mail us at cinnamonstays(at)gmail(dot)com We don't have room pictures to share at the moment. But we are working hard to make them look good. We won't let you down. 

Next update soon


Team Cinnamon

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Best Place to Stay While Taking a Prometric Exam in Gurgaon

 Guys in case you are travelling to Gurgaon for taking a Prometric exam at the Iris Tech park centre on Sohna road, Cinnamon is probably the closest, safest and quietest place to stay.

But please note that we are a homestay / bed & breakfast and not a hotel or a run-of-the-mill guest house!

- In a homestay, you stay in a home like environment
- You can expect delicious home cooked food (in very less oil)
- There is 24X7 power, wi-fi internet, clean comfortable AC rooms ( heater in winters)
- Our place is very safe for women students and senior citizens (in case your parents are accompanying you)
- We are child friendly as well.

However, please do not expect room service or round the clock service

- Breakfast (730 am - 10 am), lunch (1 pm - 230 pm) and dinner (8pm -10 pm) have fixed timings. We can of course be flexible but you will have to give us advance notice
- No loud music and outside guests are permitted.
- Entry to homestay after 11pm needs to be informed.

Having said that as a small business we give highly personalised and customised
service to our guests. You may read our reviews on Trip Advisor here

You can request for a packed lunch (with prior notice) and we can also arrange a pick-up and drop to the centre ( at a nominal fee)

Please tell about us to your friends and family whom you know are taking a Prometric test in Gurgaon.